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Kofu East Side Hotel-Business Hotel-

Kofu East Side Hotel

This business hotel is in the center of Kofu, the largest city in Yamanashi. The hotel comes with large bathing area, sauna, and comfortably large rooms, all of which should provide relaxing comfort to our guests.


Address 302-1 Kamiahara,Kofu,Yamanashi400-0814
Contact Koufu-east@oboe.ocn.ne.jp
* By car:
The hotel is close by Kamiahara Junction along Route 20 (about 10 min from Kofu-Minami I.C.; about 15 from Ichinomiya-gosaka I.C.
* By bus:
From Kofu Station, take the bus bound for Tamao Elementary School and get off at the final terminal (the bus only operates during weekdays). Then walk for 5 minutes.