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PICA Hatsushima – Island Camp Villa-Campground-

PICA Hatsushima – Island Camp Villa

Located on the hillside facing the sea, our Island Camp Villa offers you limitless sky full of stars and soothing sounds of waves.


Address 1113 Kamifuruji-no-yama, Hatsushima, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0004
Contact web-info@pica-style.co.jp
* By car:
1) From Tokyo, take Tomei Expressway for Atsugi I.C. Then take Odawara Atsugi Road, Manazuru New Road, Atami Beachline, for Route 135 (app 60 min).
2) From the other direction, take Tomei Expressway for Numazu I.C., and then take Route 1, Route 136, and Nekkan Road (app 60 min).
* By train:
From Tokyo, take the Shinkansen Express for Atami Station. The follow the bus guide below.
* By bus:
From Atami Station, take the bus bound for Atami Port & Korakuen from Bus Stop #8 (15 min). Otherwise, you may also take a taxi (10 min). From the port, get on our ferry ship.